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Player Number Position Forward Goaltender Last season
Tyler Harding 5 Defence A A 2016 Playoffs
Tyler Howe 29 Goaltender A 2017 Round Robin
Tyler Jurkowski 14 Forward A A 2018 Playoffs
Tyler Leblanc 23 Forward A A 2016 Playoffs
Tyler Sabourin 20 Skater A A 2016 Playoffs
Tyrese Dias 4 Defence A 2019 Playoffs
Tyson Beckingham 10 Forward A A 2019 Playoffs
Tyson Beckingham 5 Skater A 2018 Playoffs
Wesley Siutinuar 9 Skater A A 2016 Round Robin
Will Hall 19 Forward A 2019 Playoffs
Will Tuplin 7 Forward A 2019 Playoffs
William Gogan 71 Defence A 2017 Round Robin
William Levasseur 9 Forward A 2018 Playoffs
William Trenholm 9 Forward A 2017 Playoffs
Zach Brown 55 Defence A 2019 Playoffs
Zakk McKenna 23 Forward A 2017 Playoffs

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